Nurses fired after filming themselves squishing the face of a newborn baby

Recently, three nurses from a Saudi Arabian hospital were fired after they were caught abusing a newborn baby on camera. The baby’s parents were completely shocked and left aghast when they saw the video on social media. According to the Daily Mail, one of the nurses grasped the baby’s neck and forehead. She also squashed its face while the other nurses cruelly…




Mobile game addict is now partially blind for spending 24 hours straight on her phone

Smartphones have taken over the world. It’s almost impossible to not see anyone looking down at their phones, engrossed in an app or playing a game. But we hate to break it to you, the unbreakable relationship you have with your device isn’t all that beneficial. Take a look (no pun intended) at the plight of this mobile game addict who played with her phone for 24…



A criminal justice student from South Carolina outsmarted her kidnappers and got away

A 20 year-old criminal justice student from the University of South Carolina shared with Inside Edition how she managed to get away from her kidnappers. On July 26, 2017, at around 1 a.m., Jordan Dinsmore pulled up into her parking slot outside her apartment. Suddenly, three men appeared and pointed a gun at her. Jordan tried to scream for help but the men threatened to shoot…


This ‘salty’ seaman dumps his girlfriend after learning she’s pregnant

Most of us learned about the birds and bees back in high school during Biology class. Although we lacked s*x education as a class subject back then, majority knew that engaging in unprotected intercourse could result in pregnancy. Thanks to the Internet, a quick Google search will tell you how babies are made. But for this seaman, it looked like he wasn’t paying attention…


Netizen shares lots of realizations on her relationship with her ex-boyfriend 

They say that you shouldn’t usher in last year’s problems when you’re welcoming in another year in your life. This is precisely what Facebook user Trishia Bernardino Lumaque did when she changed her profile picture and captioned it with a lengthy text about her realizations on her ex-boyfriend. Lumaque’s post has reached a whopping amount of 46,000…


Raffy Tulfo helps elderly parents with a hard-headed son who has no job and often talks back at them

Parents and their children often do not get along due to their differences which is sometimes worsened by the age gap. In spite of that, both parties must settle their matters to maintain a healthy relationship in the household. To help resolve their messy dilemma with their son, two elderly parents sought help from acclaimed host Raffy Tulfo. Eldrida and Felipe Castillo…





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