A criminal justice student from South Carolina outsmarted her kidnappers and got away

A criminal justice student from South Carolina outsmarted her kidnappers and got away

  • A 20 year-old criminal justice student from the University of South Carolina shared how she managed to get away from her kidnappers.
  • Jordan Dismore recalled how she barely escaped sexual assault after getting held up by three armed men outside her apartment.
  • Read on for the full story.

A 20 year-old criminal justice student from the University of South Carolina shared with Inside Edition how she managed to get away from her kidnappers.

On July 26, 2017, at around 1 a.m., Jordan Dinsmore pulled up into her parking slot outside her apartment. Suddenly, three men appeared and pointed a gun at her. Jordan tried to scream for help but the men threatened to shoot her. As such, she had no choice but to follow their instructions.

The men then forced her to get into the backseat of her car to take her to the nearest ATM. However, upon realizing that Jordan’s car had a manual transmission and none of her abductors could drive, they had no choice but to let Jordan drive.

via youtube.com/InsideEdition
via youtube.com/InsideEdition

Having no choice, the three men made Jordan drive. They went to the nearest ATM where Jordan withdrew USD 300 to give to her kidnappers.

On their way to the ATM, however, she heard the men plotting to sexually assault her in someone else’s house. Not knowing what to do, Jordan thought of her mother.

via youtube.com/InsideEdition

Her mother, Beth Turner, had a similar experience in the past. She almost got sexually assaulted in college but was able to fight off the man and escape. Jordan remembered what her mother always taught her: never let an attacker take you to a second location. According to her mom, the threat becomes more serious once the victim is taken to another place.

Jordan left her seat unbuckled when she got back into the driver’s seat. She pretended to follow her abductors’ instructions and drove to wherever they were taking her.

At the opportune moment, Jordan switched her car to neutral and jumped out while it was moving.

Her kidnappers could not drive the car, so they just fled.

via youtube.com/InsideEdition

A witness then called 911 when she saw the college student on the street screaming for help. The woman told the 911 operator:

“I have a young lady running in the middle of the road, on Bluff Road, screaming for someone to help her. She said she was being robbed.”

Jordan got on the phone, crying and scared, and struggled to narrate to the operator what happened:

“Please help me. I just got off work. They were hiding behind cars. And they jumped out with a gun and held it to my head. And then later we go to the ATM at Wells Fargo, by the gas station and take out money for them. And they took everything that I own, everything I had on me, and I had to jump out.”

Inside Edition asked Jordan how long she was driving before she decided to jump out. The criminal justice student answered that she doesn’t even remember making the decision. The last thing she remembered, according to her, is seeing the pavement and the white lines underneath her before she blacked out.

Meanwhile, one of her abductors has already been arrested and is currently facing charges of kidnapping, armed robbery, and weapons possession.

via youtube.com/InsideEdition
via youtube.com/InsideEdition

Netizens commended Jordan for her bravery and quick-thinking, saying they were glad she got away unharmed. Some also said they hope the incident steers her law enforcement career in the right direction:

via youtube.com/InsideEdition
via youtube.com/InsideEdition
via youtube.com/InsideEdition

Watch the interview below:

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Sources: Inside Edition Youtube Channel | Little Things

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