Simply amazing: 2018 film “Simplicity” is for every Filipino dreamer

Simply amazing: 2018 film “Simplicity” is for every Filipino dreamer

  • The best thing in life is to reach your dreams alongside the people who matter most.
  • The 2018 film "Simplicity" tells the story of Maria and her four best friends who find themselves on the road to achieving their dreams.
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The Philippines is filled with dreamers that long to be discovered. We have countless talented singers, actors, and dancers that are just waiting for their big break. Sadly, the difficult journey towards stardom tends to force them to set aside friendships and connections just so they can be on stage. The highly-anticipated 2018 Filipino film “Simplicity” isn’t going to tell that kind of story.

“Simplicity” is about five talented young Filipinas who find themselves one step closer to fame. After accidentally performing for a crowd, a video of their performance instantly went viral, paving the way for them to compete in a famous talent show.

But the best thing that happened on their journey wasn’t the fame, it was how their experience strengthened the bonds between them.

The film centers itself around Maria, played by award-winning actress Mary Joy Apostol. Maria works for her father’s burger joint and she was tasked to deliver food to the set of the talent competition “Are You Idol Enough?” This led Maria and her friends to be discovered because of an impromptu performance.


Mary Joy is joined by Alexa Miro who is known for starring in one of Jollibee’s viral commercials titled “Signs.” Alexa plays the role of Shelly, a traffic enforcer who finds her true calling in life.


The third member of their group is former GirlTrends member, Riva Quenery. Riva plays Maria’s best friend, Beth, who is usually the voice of reason.


The film also includes Nami Onuma who takes on the role of Shelly’s Japanese half-sister Hannah. In order to complete the five members needed to qualify, the group convinced Hannah to join them despite the language barrier.


Last but not least is Kelly Welt who provides the comic relief for the movie by playing the hilarious Angel. Kelly’s character is a beggar who was taken in and cleaned up by Maria and Beth.

Be prepared to laugh your hearts out once you see Kelly on the silver screen!


This film promises to take you on a fun-filled ride complete with catchy tunes that you will surely sing long after watching. Be inspired to rediscover your passion with “Simplicity!”

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What are your thoughts on “Simplicity?” Do you think a lot of people would be able to relate to the movie’s plot and themes?  Catch it in theaters near you this March 21, 2018!

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